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    Enhance your eyebrows with the help of Cosmetize exclusive range of best brow mascara and gel. You may not know it, but the modern woman has a lot of options when it comes to her eyebrows. For example, if you want your brows to be fuller and well-groomed without the hassle of having to pencil them in every day, then eyebrow gel is for you!

    Eyebrow gels are great for those who need their hair to stay in place all day long. They also come with benefits like staying power and water resistance, so they won’t smudge easily or run down your face throughout the day.

    Suppose you’re looking for something more natural. In that case, there’s always mascaras out there that will tint your lashes just enough so that they look natural! You can easily get these gel and mascaras from Cosmetize.

    We’re an e-commerce company that deals with beauty and cosmetics products. With our years of experience in serving thousands of customers, we’ve curated the list of best brow gels and mascara for you.

    Brow gels contain specially formulated polymers that bind to eyebrows’ hairs and skin to form a long-lasting film on top of both. These films are resistant to water, sweat, sebum, and facial cleansers. 

    Brow mascara and gels are meant to be applied after brow pencil, powder, or shadow have been applied. There are two kinds of brow gels and mascara: waterproof and non-waterproof.


    Waterproof: Stay put all day, even with swimming and exercise. - Non-waterproof: Takes some effort to wash off at the end of the day.

    Non-Waterproof: Eyebrows stay put but can be removed easily at night with water and soap.

    Further, these brow gels are categorised into clear gels and coloured gels.

    Clear Gels: Provide a natural definition and hold.

    Coloured Gels: Add tint to brows; come in different colours that work for all hair colours, including blondes, brunettes, redheads, and black/ dark brown-haired people.

    Clear mascaras: define and separate brows without any colour or glitter.

    Tinted eyebrow mascaras: provide soft, natural colour; available in multiple colours, including blondes, brunettes.

    Glitter mascaras: provide a gentle hint of shimmer and dimension; come in different colour options (including blondes, brunettes & black).

    When using a clear brow gel or mascara, one should avoid applying too much product by using the wand sparingly. 

    If choosing to use either coloured or glittery eyebrow products, one should only apply the minimum needed to achieve the desired effect. Too much of either product will weigh down brows and make them look unnatural.

    If choosing to use eyebrow gel or mascara tinted, be sure to check for any potential allergic reactions. - If there are signs of an allergic reaction such as redness, swelling, itching or irritation, discontinue using the product immediately and consult a dermatologist if needed.

    You can find the best eyebrow mascara and gel at Cosmetize. All you need to do is to log in to our website and order your favourite pair. In case you face any difficulties, feel free to contact us.

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