Invest in your hair, and it’s the crown you never take off!


    There are a plethora of Hair Extensions, and Hair Closures are a part of it. Hair Closures do not just uplift your whole look, but they protect your hair too.


    Wondering What a Hair Closure Is? We’ve Got You Covered!


    Hair Closure is a hairpiece that is made from lace or silk, although lace is the most common choice, and it has natural hair on top of it.  The hairpiece is attached to a cornrow base and secured around the perimeter, seamlessly blending in with the hair extensions while giving you a natural-looking part or scalp. Our Hair Closures are some of the best available in the UK market, giving you that flawless natural look.


    Cosmetize offers Hair Closures that are the best as they come with innumerable advantages for both the appearance and health of your hair. Many women use a lot of chemicals and heating tools on their hair to effectively blend their “leave out” with their weave. Doing so damages their natural hair. Hair Closures at Cosmetize not just provide volume to your hair but also keep your natural safety underneath. In addition, it comes with a natural part that gives you the liberty to style your hair the way you want. 


    Some Hair Closure types like Lace Closures, Frontal Lace Closures, Silk Base Closure and 360 Frontal Closure are very common names among women. 


    Lace Closures: They are in off-circle shape and have hair attached to the lace. Such closures are generally small in size. Lace Closures can be easily parted the way you want to. 


    Cosmetize offer Lace Closures that are made from natural hair and give you a perfect look.


    Lace Frontal Closures: They work great if you are planning to create a new hairline. Lace Frontal Closure helps you in covering the hair loss, if any, that you had near your hairline. 


    Lace Frontal Closures can be styled in many ways. So, you can surely explore your creativity with new hairstyles.


    Silk Base Closure: As the name suggests, it is made with a silk base and 100% natural hair. Silk Base Closures are highly durable. 


    360 Frontal Closure: These closures give complete coverage to your scalp. They help you ace that natural hairline look. In addition, Cosmetize 360 frontal closures are highly flexible. For all those ladies who love a high ponytail look, our product is the best choice for you. 


    At Cosmetize UK, we bring you the Best Hair Closures in various options such as Brazilian Hair Closures, Human Hair Closures & Peruvian Hair Closures and collaboration with reputed brands such as Rush, Sleek Hair and many more.



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