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    Lip Care is an investment, not an expense!


    Beautiful, hydrated and pink lips are what you all crave. But how many of you spend a minimum of 5 mins to ace up your lip game?


    Lips are a part of your body, and they are entitled to the same care that you show towards the rest of your face and body. Unfortunately, Lip Care is the most ignored part of the skincare routine. Have you ever wondered why your lips are dry and chappy not just in winter but in summer too?


    This is so because, unlike the rest of the body, there is no sebaceous gland present in your lips that are responsible for producing the oil. Therefore, people with oily skin believe that they do not require moisturisers of any type. However, this ideology is completely wrong as no matter how oily your skin is, one must always use a moisturiser suitable to the skin type. 


    If your skin is not healthy and beautiful, no amount of makeup can do magic. So we, along with our skin experts at Cosmetize, have narrowed down the basics of good Lip Care routine products so that you get those beautiful, healthy and kissable lips.


    Exfoliate: If your Lip Care routine has no exfoliators, you are probably following the wrong one. Exfoliation is necessary because it helps to remove the dead skin flakes and makes your skin breathable. Once you exfoliate your lips, you will rediscover your pink lips underneath the dead skin cells. Lips are a very sensitive part of your face; therefore, it is very important to pick up a Lip Balm wisely. At Cosmetize, we offer Lip Balms that are made from natural and safe to use ingredients.


    Protect and Moisturise: There is no appropriate time for using a Lip Balm or Lip Moisturiser. Anytime your lips feel dry, apply some Lip Balm that will hydrate your lips and keep them soft and supple. Cosmetize offers Lip Balms that come in tubes, making them easy to use as fingers may not be clean every time. Always apply your Lip Balms liberally, and don’t forget to apply in the corners. 


    Your lips receive a lot of sun exposure, which makes them vulnerable to dangerous diseases. So apply SPF 30 product on your lips anytime when you are out and about in the sun. You can also opt for Lip Balms or Lipsticks that have sunscreen in them. Cosmetize also offers Men's Lipcare products that help keep Men's lips Soft & Healthy!


    Licking your lips to make them hydrated is highly unhealthy as this type of hydration does not last long. To your shock, doing so will make it drier than you could think of. 


    You are beautiful, and you deserve all the pampering!


    At Cosmetize UK, we believe that each one of you must get a fair chance of buying products that suit you best, without having to spend much. So we have brought for you a complete kit of Lip Care Products that will save you some time and money. Cosmetize has the Best Lip Care Products in the UK market. So hurry up and shop from your favourite brands before the stock ends.



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