Crema de Manos

    No hand is as beautiful as a moisturised hand!


    Skincare is restricted to face care, but what about the skin on your hand? It deserves care too. Caring for your hands is as important as caring for the rest of your body. The signs of ageing are first reflected on your hands. The reason being, although hands are the most used part of your body, they are also the most neglected ones when it comes to skincare. You notice your hands only when they become dry and chapped. When you don’t care for your hands, you leave them defenceless against the wrath of nature, leading to pigmentation, wrinkles and suntan. 


    Your hands are the first part of your body that comes in contact with any type of chemical-induced product. Your hands are involved in your daily activities, from washing utensils in the kitchen to washing clothes in the bathroom, your hands suffer a lot. 


    The skin on your hands is very different from the skin on the rest of your body. The reality is the skin on the front and back of your hand is also different. If you pause for a while and carefully look at your hands, you’ll notice that the skin at the back of your hand is thinner and even a little bit of direct exposure to sunlight gives you a burning sensation. This is because your regular body creams will be a complete failure in providing your hands with the much needed deep nourishment. 


    Hand Cream is a specifically designed formula that aims at providing that extra nourishment and protection to your hands. Regular use of Moisturising Hand Creams will make your skin soft, supple and also reverse the damage caused. 


    The benefits of using Natural Hand Creams from Cosmetize are multifaceted: 


    • Heals Damaged Skin: Cosmetize UK offers the Best Hand Cream that is full of natural ingredients like herbs and essential oils. These ingredients will help in healing your damaged skin.
    • Gives Hydrated Skin: Soft and Smooth, an even-toned hand is a dream for all. You use your hands throughout the day to touch your loved ones, to touch your face and many more. Hydrated and well-nourished hands give you a luxurious feeling.
    • Massaging Relieves Stress: Massages are always therapeutic. Massaging Natural Hand Creams free your mind from stress making you joyful again.
    • Protects From the Sun: Whether you are walking, driving or buying fruits from the market, your hands are always exposed to the harmful UV rays of the Sun. Apply Moisturising Hand Creams to form a protective layer on your hands.


    Hand Creams available at Cosmetize are the best available in the UK market as it protects and nourishes your skin. Our products are completely natural and cruelty-free. Cosmetize has launched a range of deep nourishing Hand Creams bottles for those who have dry skin. Hand Creams are available in bottles that make it easier for you to carry in your handbag. Hand Creams are a necessity for all. Buy your bottle of Natural Hand Cream today.



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