Dreads Coiler Sponge

    Take care of your beautiful dreads with the help of Cosmetize exclusive range of Dreads Coiler Sponge.


    Hello ladies, do you struggle with your hair? Are you tired of the same old styling routine and frustrated with what to try next? Well, Cosmetize has a solution for you! Introducing Dreads Coiler Sponge. This sponge is perfect for creating gorgeous dreadlocks in minutes without having to go through any complicated processes. Wet it and twist away! It doesn’t get better than this!


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    Dreads Coiler Sponge is a product that claims to speed up dreading and tighten coils. This sponge is sealed in plastic and about the size of a large egg, with ridges on one side. It has a subtle lavender scent.


    There are Different Types of Dreads Coiler Sponges:

    • Type 1: Type One is a dark colour and very dense, and it appears to have a light, subtle lavender scent. This type of sponge is excellent at clumping coils together for dreading or detangling, and it is one of the cheaper options for dreading sponges. Type One does not have ridges on it and, when wet, expands larger.
    • Type 2: Type Two appears to have larger pores that allow for a lighter tug when tightening coils. This sponge has a darker colour, so it looks like you have more product on your head. This type of sponge has such a subtle scent that you can barely smell it.


    Dreads Coiler Sponge works by helping dreadlocks form more tightly, reducing the size of new growth to be built into larger dreadlocks. It is designed to be used with wax or gel and advertised as only needing to be used once per week. The sponge will expand when wet to apply more pressure.


    Dreads Coiler Sponge also claims to help dreadlocks form with less matting and breakage by assisting coils in sticking together instead of becoming loose, tangled hairs. It is designed for use on all hair types.


    Dreads Coiler Sponge should be wet before use. After removing the product from its wrapper, it can be run underwater for up to thirty seconds or soaked in a cup of water if longer than that is needed.


    When the hair is moistened and semi-dry, you should rub the coiler sponge across coils to help them clump and tighten. After this, the product can be left to sit for an hour or more to allow it to do its job before rinsing the sponge out in the shower and leaving it in a dry place until subsequent use.


    Dreads Coiler Sponge has a few advantages as a dreading product. Some of those include:

    • It can help dreads tighten and stay built after being formed. This product claims that it will not have to be used every day if you do not want to but only once per week for best results. It makes the product more convenient for people with busy lifestyles.
    • It can help reduce matting and breakage during dreading, making it easier to build dreadlocks faster.
    • It means that if you are looking for a product to make your dreads look better and work better, this is one of the few products that claim to do it all.


    This product is easy to use; wet the dreadlocks and then run it through them to help tighten coils into dreads that will form faster.


    Then let sit for up to an hour before rinsing out in the shower.


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