Men's Hair Brushes & Combs

    Taking good care of your hair is essential to all. While women are always considerate towards their hair and the type of products they use, men are often found to be ditching the idea of hair care. You can use ‘n number’ of products on your hair and may or may not work for you. That large display of shampoo bottles on your bathroom shelf is of no use if you don’t take into account the way you brush your hair.


    Yes, you read that right. Brushing your hair the right way and with the help of the right hair brushes or hair combs are as important as using a good organic shampoo. Hair Brushing or Combing sounds too simple to be a complex process, but what if we told you that you have been doing it wrong all these years? And there’s a better way to brush your hair that could give birth to a gorgeous hairstyle.


    Men are generally found to be illiterate in the genre of self-care. Caring for their face and hair is like climbing a mountain to them. They often end up using the wrong tool for their hair as they are not aware of the different types of hair tools and which one will be best for them.


    It is of immense importance for men to know their hair type. In general, men have two types of hair: straight hair and curly hair. Unfortunately, not all the Hair Brushes and Hair Combs available in the market are suitable for all. Some Hair Brushes are best suited for straight hair, some for curly hair and a couple of them are ideal for all hair types.


    Hair Brushes can be broadly classified based on their shapes.


    Oval Hair Brushes: These hair brushes can be understood as the oval version of the paddle brush. These brushes are ideal for massaging your hair and redistributing the hair oil.


    Round Hair Brushes: Round Hair Brushes are a must to have for Men who love to style their hair. These hair brushes give the best results when partnered with blow dryers.


    Rectangle Hair Brushes: Rectangular Hair Brushes are of different types. They create volume at the roots giving your hair a voluminous look.


    Men's Hair Brushes are not just used for combing or styling your hair; they are also used for dyeing your hair. At Cosmetize UK, we have Hair Brushes that make your hair colouring routine at home quite easily.


    While Hair Brushes are mostly associated with the scalp, there is another underrated type of hair brush that is specifically used by men. Boar bristle brushes, or shaving brushes as they are commonly called are the mandatory product for men.


    Pockets are well known to every man, although not all Pocket Combs are of the ideal size. Pocket Brushes from Cosmetize are ideal for a man’s pocket and fit right into it without getting noticed.


    Cosmetize has launched a special range for Men's Hair Brushes and Combs that are needed by all men. Shop Now!



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