Estrías y Cicatrices

    A good physique is a basic requirement these days for both men and women. Proper diet, a healthy lifestyle and regular exercises are the only way to achieve it. Unfortunately, Stretch Marks & Scars are unknown to none. Men and Women both experience Stretch Marks and Scars at some time in their life. While Stretch Marks are very synonymous with pregnancy and childbirth, it is not limited to that. 


    Stretch marks are likely to happen when you suddenly gain or lose weight. Heavyweight training at the gym fastens muscle growth, which leads to stretching your skin, causing stretch marks. Scars occur when the dermis is damaged.


    As the word suggests, Stretch Marks can be roughly understood as marks that happen on your body when your skin stretches. Sometimes hormonal imbalance also results in Stretch Marks. Stretch Marks are bands of narrow lines that appear different from the rest of your skin due to their texture and colour. The colour of Stretch Marks can be anything from light pink to light purple. Stretch Marks pink in colour are generally tagged as fresh in the hierarchy of their appearance. Stretch Marks generally appear on your thighs, buttocks, chest and thighs; while these are the most common places to find them, their appearance varies from person to person. 


    Laser treatments guarantee to help you get rid of your Stretch Marks, but they are very costly and not affordable by all. In addition, once your Stretch Marks and Scars become similar to the rest of your skin, it is hard to get rid of them. Therefore, Stretch Marks and Scar Removal Cream must be a part of your daily Body Care regime if you go through any of the phases mentioned above. 


    Stretch Marks and Scar Removal Products from Cosmetize UK help you get back to your regular, smooth and even skin. Stretch Marks & Scars are not just marks on someone’s body but their self-confidence as well. 


    Worried about the Scar on your right eyebrow? Feeling like a pirate?


    Well, Scars can have a good amount of negative impact on your self-esteem. You might not want to step out or try to hide it with makeup or a large hat. But, you do not have to worry anymore. With the regular use of our Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Scar Serum, you can confidently step out. Regular use of Scar Removal Serum for Cosmetize will not just fade away the Scar but also make it hard for people to guess whether that Scar existed or not. At Cosmetize, we have Stretch Marks and Scar Removal Products that will once again give you the freedom of living your life on your terms.



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