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    If your hair looks good, you can achieve anything!


    Maintaining your hair is nothing short of maintaining an elephant. You need to be extra careful with the requirements of your hair. The idea of wanting good hair might come to you suddenly, but a good hairstyle will take time to come. First, you need to look after your hair; that way, you take care of your face to maintain your shiny and long hair. 


    Hair Relaxers are a type of hair care product that is generally lotion or cream-based. Hair Relaxers are used by those people who have tight curls or curly hair as a whole. The application of Hair Relaxers straightens your hair. Hair Relaxers make your hair straight by chemically relaxing the curls. People are generally recommended to visit a salon to get the best experience as the process is tedious and time-taking. At Cosmetize, we brought you easy to handle Hair Relaxer Kits that are the best available in the UK market. All you need to do is carefully follow the instructions, and you will be saved from those expensive appointments at home. 


    Although there are certain things that you must consider when relaxing your hair at home:


    • Do not shampoo your hair right before opening your hair relaxer kit, as this might irritate you.
    • Thoroughly detangle your hair. This ensures the even spread of the product on your hair.
    • Always work in small sections of your hair as you are not a pro, and you surely don’t want your product to be wasted.
    • Once you begin relaxing your hair, don’t rake the comb on your hair. Instead, simply use it for evenly spreading out the product and smoothing it.


    Using Hair Relaxers makes your hair straight, frizz-free and easy to style. Cosmetize offers Hair Relaxers that are sure to last for six to eight weeks giving you that straight hair look. You can also Buy Kids Relaxer & Texturizer for your kid's hair care at Cosmetize.


    Hair Texturizers are the most misinterpreted term in the hair product industry. A Hair Texturizer works exactly opposite to its name. It doesn’t provide any additional texture to your hair; instead, it is just a chemical treatment that loosens your curl pattern. Hair Texturizers won’t give you straight hair look like Hair Relaxers; instead, it gives loose curls. It is a process that defrizzes your hair while maintaining some of the natural curls. Hair Texturizers are less damaging than Hair Relaxers, as the former stays for a shorter time on your hair. 


    The secret behind successfully doing Hair Relaxer and Hair Texturizer sessions at home is to keep a check on the timer. Make sure that the product does not overstay on your hair as that might cause some damage. Both Hair Texturizers and Relaxers are the same and can be used without any confusion. 


    Cosmetize UK has a wide range of Hair Relaxers and Texturizer Kits that are well suited for all hair types.



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