If, at first, you don’t succeed, then apply some bronzer and try again!


    Bronzers have been around for ages, but the popularity of contouring has added to its confusion. Sun-kissed glow has set a trend that never goes out of style; this has led to  Makeup Bronzers finding a permanent place in your Makeup Complexion Box. Bronzer in makeup adds warmth to your skin, making it look flushed with good health. However, applying Bronzers is a very tricky task; unlike other makeup products, it is applied in very few places. Instead, it is to be applied post-facial makeup and before dabbing blush so that you end up with a model face. 


    Application of Bronzers is quite easy once you give a little thought to its description. Just think of the areas on your face where the sun touches you when you go out, edges of forehead and nose, cheeks, and jawline. Bronzers must be blended well so that it doesn’t look all cakey and pop up as an extra layer. A right Bronzer can make all the difference. Here are some Makeup Essentials for Beginners, you should try.


    Bronzers come in different formulas, textures and shades.


    Cream Bronzer: Cream Bronzers are best suited for dry skin. It glides effectively on your skin, giving you a subtle glow. Cosmetize offers Cream Bronzers that last long and can be easily blended with the help of your fingertips. 


    Matte Bronzers: Matte Bronzers add depth and definition to your face topped with warmth, and they work well with all types of skin. Matte Bronzers are used for contouring – you would apply them on the sides of your face, under your cheekbones, under the jawline and the top of your forehead. Some people use it to contour their nose also. 


    Shimmer Bronzers: Shimmer Bronzers are typically used in those areas where the sun would hit more compared to the rest, like cheekbones, up towards the temples. They give you a luminous summer glow. However, if you have blemishes or bumps on your skin, you might not want to use them. The Shimmers in the Bronzer act as a highlighter and will bring more attention to your blemishes.


    Liquid Bronzer: Quite similar to Cream Bronzers, Liquid Bronzers are thinner inconsistency. They blend effortlessly into your foundation. While blending, make sure that you do it well enough to have patches left out.


    Remember Beauties, and knowledge is power. Using the right Bronzer in the right amount makes all the difference looking like you spent your weekend enjoying the sea. In addition, Bronzers can be used all day on a calendar, making your face look attractive. 


    At Cosmetize UK, we have 100% Natural Makeup Bronzers that give you that perfect look without damaging your skin. We are proud to announce that our Bronzers are the best available in the UK market. Makeup Bronzers are available at a variety of prices. In addition, New Makeup Bronzers are being launched every month. So hurry up and pick up yours before the sale ends.



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