You have beautiful cheeks so just blush on!


    One glance from your crush makes you weak in your knees, and your cheeks have that blush. Natural blush is adorable, but it doesn’t last for more than three seconds. Blush is the most underrated part of the makeup ritual, but once you catch hold of the one that gives your perfect texture and shade, there is no going back. Unfortunately, zeroing down a blush that is best for you can be a tedious task. One wrong move will make you a trending joke. A Blusher in makeup is like that last cherry on top of a cake without which the look is incomplete. So here are some quick Tips on Contouring Your Face in order to give you a healthy, natural look in just 3 minutes.


    Blushes are available in various forms, and here we are going to break it down for you by texture and shade so that you become a pro at buying the best Makeup Blusher by the time you are done reading this. 


    Pressed Powder or Compact: Powdered or Compact blushes come in a variety of colours, and it is a perfect fit for women with large pores. These types of blushes fall on both low and high-end prices. Your blush should never match the texture of your foundation. If you are someone who prefers liquid primers, then powdered blush is just your thing. Although that being said, these blushes don’t last long and need to be reapplied after a few hours. 


    Cream Blush: Cream Blushes are hand down the best for all skin types. It glides effortlessly on your skin, giving you a natural and dewy look. It is super easy to use and comes in a palette full of colours. Apply it with very light, short strokes and then use a damp makeup sponge to blend it. Cosmetize offers Cream Blushes that stay super long. 


    Gel Blush: Gel Blushes are great for summers; they are a quick way to bring a healthy glow to your face. They are best for ‘no makeup looks’ as it gives you a fresh look. Gel Blushes are best for women with light or medium complexion. The application process is very easy. Just apply some on the apple of your cheeks and blend them with the help of your fingertips.


    Blush Stick: Craving for a long-lasting dewy look that works wonders for your skin in any season?


    Blush Sticks are the perfect fit. For those who are beginners at makeup, this is a must-have. It is very easy to use and travel friendly. Blush Sticks have a velvet or powdery finish, making them suitable for all skin types. It works magic for dry skin people due to its creamy texture. 


    Cosmetize UK offers Best Makeup Blushers that are available in the UK market. We at Cosmetize value your money and bring you the best products at affordable prices. Also, get flawless makeup looks with our vast range of Perfect Complexion Makeup Products for the face, eyes, lips, and more at the best prices.



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