Corrector y Correctores

    Concealers and Colour Correctors are a one-man army. They have extremely talented, versatile and underrated products. Concealers are like foundations, but they vary in inconsistency. The former is thicker as it conceals your dark circles. 


    Don’t you freak out when pimples invite themselves to your special occasion?


    Well, that’s a moment of anguish. You don’t want your shine to be dimmed by a small pimple, do you?


    As it is popularly called, Concealer and Colour Correctors is a mandatory product in all Makeup Bags. It is used to cover dark spots, pigmentation, acne or blemishes.


    A quality Concealer helps in vanishing those fine lines like a magic spell. You just need to apply some and blend it with your ring finger. But, of course, you can always mix your Concealer with moisturiser and apply it to your face, and it looks like a tinted moisturiser.


    The chiselled jawline effect just takes a few strokes of the right Concealer. Choose a shade darker than your skin tone and apply it on the hollow of your cheeks and sides of your nose and then blend well. 


    One of the easiest ways to get an all-time glow on your cheekbones is using a Concealer. Just sweep it on and blend. You can also use it to highlight the bridge of your nose and cupid’s bow. Here are some best tips on How To Contour your face that can be used when you want to have a makeover.


    Concealers and Colour Correctors are mainly of four types, and we have covered it all for you. 


    Liquid Concealer: It is one of the most multipurpose concealers. Liquid Concealers generally have sheer coverage, but certain formulas can give you full coverage as well. This works best with dry skin to normal skin types. For example, Concealers from Cosmetize are made from a hydrating formula that easily glides over your foundation. 


    Stick Concealer: Stick Concealers work for normal to dry skin types and lasts longer compared to other concealers. It gives more coverage compared to other concealers and has a semi-solid texture leaving a very pigmented and vibrant look. Stick Concealers are perfect for covering up little blemishes and dark spots. They are super compact and easy to carry for touch-ups on the go.


    As the consistency is thick, a bit more effort is required to blend it well. Due to its consistency, Stick Concealers are not recommended for oily skinned people.


    Balm Concealer: The consistency of a Balm Concealer is thicker in comparison to liquid concealers. Such concealers are suitable for all skin types. The concealer has derived its name due to its balm-like texture. 


    Balm Concealers function well as colour correctors, and you can use them before foundation to neutralise the redness and discolouration. 


    Cream Concealer: The pigmentation of Cream Concealers is less in comparison to stick concealers. It gives you medium to full coverage. Due to its creamy texture, Cream Concealers work wonders for dry skin, and it covers any blemish that might have dried out.


    At Cosmetize UK, we have Concealers from the Best Brands that are surely going to cover up for your sleepless nights. Our products are the best available online and in the UK market. With Cosmetize, you can shop in the comfort of your home.



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