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    Colour your tresses with vibrant, permanent colours that are available on Cosmetize!


    Choosing a hair colour is an important decision. The choice is yours to make! It can make you feel confident, sexy and powerful, or it can make you feel drab, dull and old.


    Every day, people are changing from their natural hair colour to a bolder hue - but what's even more interesting is that many of these people are women. In recent years, Permanent Hair Colour has become one of the most popular beauty trends for women, with nearly half of all salon visits being about changing your locks for good! At Cosmetize, You can also find various Men's Hair Colour Products.


    Permanent Hair Colour not only gives you a new look but also provides long-term benefits such as protection against sun damage, fading and discolouration over time. It's never too late to colour your tresses. All you need is an excellent source to get those, and Cosmetize UK exactly provides that.


    We're an e-commerce brand that has years of experience in selling beauty and cosmetics products. It is the reason why we have curated the list of Best Permanent Hair Colour Products and Brands such as Bigen, Adore, Crème Of Nature, Shea Moisture and many more.


    Generally, Permanent Hair Colour costs range from 5 to 20 Pounds. But at Cosmetize, you can get it at a much-discounted rate.


    The Permanent Colouring Process changes your hair colour's natural pigment by adding new pigments into either your natural light or dark hair.


    Permanent Colour changes the colour molecule of the cortex or outer layer of your hair.


    There are three types of hair colours available, each with a different chemical composition. The main difference between them is the permanency of the colour of one's hair.

    • Semi-permanent Colour - These are the least aggressive form of hair colour. They typically contain no ammonia or peroxide. Many professionals use Semi-permanent Colours when touching up grey strands between complete colour services to save their clients' money and time.
    • Demi-permanent Colour - These colours contain a small amount of peroxide and ammonia. They will help to lighten the hair, resulting in only lasting for about twelve shampoos.
    • Permanent Hair Colour - Most Permanent Hair Colours work by adding small amounts of dye to pre-existing pigments in your hair to produce a lighter shade.


    The most common hair colouring form in the United Kingdom is a two-step process using "liquid" colour and a developer. You can apply liquid colour much discounted either to dry or wet hair, depending on the brand.


    Once developers are mixed with the colour, the colours begin to work immediately. A developer can be either an oxidising or a reducing agent. Oxidising agents are used for darker hair shades and work by opening cuticle layers to allow permanent penetration into your hair's cortex. Reducing agents are used for lighter hair shades because they do not penetrate as deeply as oxidising agents.

    When it comes to choosing a colour, you have several options. Typically, your stylist will mix two or more colours to get the shade that you want. The choice of colour should be based on three things:

    1. previous hair colour history,
    2. natural hair pigments, and
    3. desired final result.


    You or your stylist can determine the most suitable method for lightening or darkening your hair. You can choose to have warm or cool highlights depending on whether you want an undertone of red, gold, brown, black, etc. For example, if you have blonde hair with warm tones and you prefer platinum highlights, you can achieve this by adding warm ash tones to your base.


    When choosing the right colour, you should consider how natural or dramatic you want the results to be. It is possible to go too dark with Permanent Hair Colours (for example, black), but it is complicated to lighten hair already dyed.


    As a result, you should always test the tone of your desired colour on a strand of hair before going ahead with your final choice.


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