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    Skin is an asset that you all are born with. However, no one has acne or pimples from the time they are born. Instead, these issues are rather detected in the later part of your life. Ever wondered why?


    Your lifestyle choices, eating habits, sleeping cycle, hormonal changes, and many other factors actively play a part in determining these issues. While some factors are under your control, others like genetic issues are beyond your league of treatment. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and taking care of a variety of other factors will help you strike a balance.


    The food you eat and the creams you apply reflect on your skin. Therefore, it is very important to take good care of your skin. Unfortunately, Sun Tan has become a common problem for all.


    Do you have two different shades on your arms or feet? Are you afraid of beach vacations due to the problem of sun tanning?


    Well, you don’t need to worry anymore. At Cosmetize, we are not just educating you about What Sun Tan Is; besides, we will also give you the Best Sun Tan Solutions added with DIY masks.


    Sun Tanning is a process in which your skin colour is darkened or tanned. Tanning is a result of harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun that directly affects your skin. A good proportion of people are obsessed with fair complexion. However, a complexion that is the same on your hands and face is a far fetched dream for many. The only way possible to protect your skin from the UVA and UVB radiations of the sun. is by using sunscreens.


    Sunscreens are a must for all and should be a part of your regular skin care regime. If your exposure to the sun is high, then it is advisable to use sunscreens that have SPF 50. These sunscreens provide you with maximum protection. Nevertheless, sunscreens are not effective for more than three to four hours and need to be reapplied, which may not be possible for you each time. Even after taking extensive care, your skin is likely to get tanned. While many claim that it is impossible to remove Sun Tan, Cosmetize UK has brought you a plethora of products that are 100% effective in removing it. 


    Cosmetize has brought a special DIY for you people that is an age-old Indian way of getting rid of sun tan. 


    Take a clean glass bowl, in it add:


    • One tablespoon of gram flour.
    • Pinch of wild turmeric.
    • One tablespoon of honey.
    • Few drops of lemon juice
    • Coconut oil for moisturisation.


    Mix all these ingredients, apply on your face, wait for 15 mins and wash off with normal water. Use it thrice a week for optimum results.


    This DIY face mask works wonders in removing your sun tan. A combination of Cosmetize’s Skin Tan Removal Creams and DIY is surely going to reap the best results.


    While some people want to get rid of tan, others are fond of it. Many people believe that tan makes them more attractive and desirable to the opposite sex. Sunless Tanning Products are safe to use when used as per the directions. Tanned skin gives you a light brown tint.


    At Cosmetize, you get to choose from both options. You can either use Skin Tan Products to remove tan or give yourself that artificial tan to make yourself look more desirable.



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